Coloring my hair. (And, OhMaGosh! The WORK!)

Hair and Fashion

Hi guys. I got my hair colored! We had to bleach then color that let it sit….. So, after we put the bleach in, it sat for 20 minutes then we washed it. Even with my hair wet, it still looked so light. Then, we blow-dried it and put it in color. (In the middle we took a dinner break.) and I waited. For like 30 minutes. Then, we had to wash my hair in really cold water! It was crazy. Then, we cut it and blow-dried it, and curled it. It looked so pretty! BUT- then my aunt told me this.

I can’t go to pools (or it will come out.)

Every time I wash my hair, I had to use super cold water, and when I took my shower, I had to wear a shower cap.

if I get any water on it, it will start to come out. And, I now have to use a beach towel as a regular towel, and a dark pillow case. I wore this really nice light pink top, and the back was dyed purple, green, blue and pink! AHHHH!!!

There are pros as well. It looks REALLY cool. Also, I get a bunch of comments on it like, Woah, SO cool! or like I love your hair!

Anyway, I hope that you guys liked this post! Btw sorry the pic is grainy!