Screen Printing and How To!


Screen printing is not easy. You have the ink, the screen, the item your printing on, your stencil. It’s not that easy! But I will show you how to do it! Watch the video, (it has the best explanations!) especially if you are more of a visual person. Here we go!

It is harder to screenprint on hats or pants, so I suggest doing your first on a shirt. It is the easiest!

Step 1: Layout your shirt on a smooth, flat, clean table or surface that cannot be moved easily.

Step 2: Put a piece of cardboard inside the shirt this will prevent it from leaking through to other side

Step 3: Tape your stencil to your screen, (I would print out a picture and cut out the inside. Remember, the part you cut out will be the part that you will see in ink on your shirt.) and put your screen on your shirt.

Step 3: Take your plastic or metal rib and your ink and apply some ink onto the screen. Use the rib to spread the ink equally over the screen, making sure that the screen does not move.

Step 4: Press screen onto the shirt, then remove the screen. Wash immediately! If you do not wash your screen immediately, it will clog!

Let dry overnight, and wait fifteen minutes before moving to another surface. When it is done drying, iron the shirt inside-out and wash before wearing. This will set the ink and make it a lot harder to come out. Here is a video I did of me screen printing!