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Hey guys. Lately, I have been sick and so I have not been posting a lot. Also, there are a couple of things I want to share with you!

First of all, I am auditioning for America’s Got Talent!
(Honestly, that is probably the most exciting news!)

Second of all, we now have two new writers, Little May and Little E. Little E is also known as Julie from my YouTube Channel, and Little May is my best friend and long-time Harry Potter Fan.

Thirdly, my little brother, Chase (His real name is Peter, but he likes to be called Chase.), should soon have a blog!

I will let you guys know when it is up and running!

Hope you all had a good day and bye from Lizzy!



Hey, guys. I am so sorry I have not been writing lately. We are going through a big move and I have been very busy. I updated some of the things here on the blog, so you might notice a difference. The Announcement I have for you today is… Drumroll, please! A Cooking And Baking section! Yay! I have some of my own recipes, and I really want to share them with you guys. Thanks for reading,

Little Lizzy!