Home Made School Supplies


this is how to make home made school supplies! From stylish pencils to glamours note books, I will teach you tips and tricks!

Faux Expensive pencils:
you will need the following:

Colorful Duct tape

No. 2 Pencils


take No. 2 Pencil and Duct tape. Take the end of the tape and start wrapping around the top, under the metal part below the eraser. Wrap all the way along the pencil until you reach the end of the orange.
now you have a very colorful pencil! Do multiple times.

Faux Expensive Note Book:

you will need the following:







Duct tape (black)

Glue Stick


Take Cardboard, Scissors, and Paper. Fold the bottom of each page, making them all the same size but shorter. Take one of the papers and glue the side of the fold that faces up. Place the fold part on this paper, but make sure it’s on the opposite side. Cut the Cardboard so that it is one inch wider and half an inch taller than the paper. Cut another piece, same dimensions. Round the corners with the Scissors. Take the papers, Cardboard, and Duct tape and put the Cardboard and put them on either side of the papers. Take the Duct tape and put it vertically on the paper and Cardboard, binding them and creating a seam. Take Paint, Markers, Glitter, and Imagination. Decorate.

Now you have a beautiful note book!

Here are some supplies i reccomend

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